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Travelog Magazine

UnReal World features the world’s first geo-located online travel magazine: we call it Travelog.

Our Traveloggers are all professional writers and can be counted among the world’s best wordsmiths and entertainers in travel and tourism.

UNreal World also features the world’s first geo-located online travel photojournalism and videography galleries, and we call this area Visualog.

Our Visualoggers are professional photographers and videographers – and they are among the most creative and imaginative visual story tellers on the planet (and, yes, occasionally off the planet as well).

Readers can find links to Travelog and Visualog articles and galleries on our UnReal Australia and UnReal Britain & Ireland websites, as well as on UNreal World, appearing in mapped URPs.

For the first time, you can discover fascinating in-depth stories and entrancing images that enhance your travel experiences ON THE SPOT.

Take a look. It’s UnReal.

Find the story, see the picture

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