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What is the UNreal World? Every place exists in time - it has a past, a present and a future. UNreal World is a platform to help you discover the hidden stories of Place. UNreal World illuminates that knowledge of Place and makes it available to everyone - particularly visitors. UNreal World is Geo-located knowledge The UNreal World contains millions of URPs - UnReal Points. Our journalists and writers have been mapping these URPs for more than two decades. Now the UNreal World platform is using the latest internet technology to help you to explore them and learn from them. Through UNreal World, the owners and creators of knowledge can manage it through their URPs, connected to Place, and publish to the world. Visit Unreal Australia or Unreal Britain & Ireland and explore - you'll get the idea pretty quickly. Every URP is rich in opportunity ... commercial, cultural, historical, creative - even personal. You can start by creating your own place in the UNreal World. Soon, the UNrealAR platform will provide vital travel, retail, special interest and safety information to smartphone and tablet users - ON THE SPOT - through a range of AR technology partnerships and alliances. UNreal World is also an online travel magazine, which we call Travelog: a new web channel for professional writers, photographers and artists. How does this work for Traveloggers? First, explore Unreal Australia or Unreal Britain & Ireland . Take a look at the Travelog pages.  Apply (register on this Travelog site) to discuss becoming an Unreal Travelog contributor. Traveloggers have their own 'channels' that allow them to earn the income their URPs and story pages generate from advertising. Apply for details. Make a positive difference for local people with the words and images you create. Have fun doing so ... and even make some money out of your archives ...